About Us

Plans are nothing. Planning is everything

Euphoria began as a hobby of 3 really good friends whose individual talents meshed together created great scenescapes at the local parties and events we hosted together. We began by designing and planning events for our families and friends. It wasn’t long after that we were asked to do the same for others who noticed how well organized and designed the events were.

We have considerable experience in the fields of social and small corporate events. With first hand knowledge of all our services, we feel that our combined strengths in all aspects of event management allow us to provide you with the support you need and TRUST. At Euphoria we distinguish ourselves from other Event Planners in the manner by which we approach each event.

Our team of professionals understands that Event management involves studying the intricacies of each event, devising the appropriate event concept, planning the logistics, and coordinating the technical aspects before actually executing the modalities of the proposed event.

At Euphoria we pursue an integrated approach to ensure that our clients enjoy our high quality services and products on a consistent basis. We follow a unique approach to event management – we understand that no two clients are the same; and we approach each so that it reflects the client’s specific and unique objectives. In short, we offer a hands-on approach to each event to ensure the smooth running of your tailor made event.

The diverse and unique skill set and experience we each possess is what really gives us the ability to stand out from the crowd. We’ve always had a passion for panache and a penchant for making things work – despite the circumstances.